Scholarship Teaching Grant

STG: Scholarship Teaching Grant


The Center has started work on the project titled, “Infection Prevention Education for UTHSCSA personnel” supported by the STG grant.


While the existing method of providing education in infection prevention to UTHSCSA personnel, the physicians, medical students, as well as non-physicians may be adequate to meet the compliance requirements of regulatory agencies, there is a great need for better education regarding topics such as pandemic influenza, bioterrorism, seasonal influenza, hand hygiene, and preventable infections in the community as well as the workplace. The investigators propose to develop an online education module that would be a 25-30 min. flash module that covers the most important topics in infection prevention based on case scenarios. Resources for further learning will be made available. The module would reside on the UTHSCSA online training system, known as the Knowledge Center (KC).The KC is fully functional, and ready to host education modules, send reminders automatically to trainees, and track completion. UTHSCSA has several thousand physician and non-physician employees and students who will directly benefit from the education program. It will also be made available to other UT personnel. Evaluation will be done with the tools for quality assurance for evaluation of all online courses, developed by Dr. Mary Manwell-Jackson, on quality of content, potential effectiveness as a teaching-learning tool and ease of use.