Program Curriculum Schedule Recommended Reading


Session I:  Leadership Authenticity: Keynote


participants in session
  • To provide tools and skills to further enhance the ability of selected participants to fulfill their leadership role at an even higher level of excellence.
  • To create a common leadership language and set of practices/skills to facilitate cohesion and begin the process of defining a consistent set of leadership practices for the institution.
  • To provide opportunities through high impact learning methods for participants to increase self-discovery and tactically apply self-insights for personal career growth, as well as optimizing institutional operations.
  • To provide participants with leadership tools and skills to enhance their existing skill set.
  • To utilize self-discovery as means for leadership development leading to higher levels of personal mastery and leadership authenticity.
  • To practice key interpersonal skills in situations relevant to the institution.
  • For participants to commit to self-identified leadership development, next steps and concrete leadership actions they will take after the initial retreat.


Session II:  Model the Way: Keynote


  • To understand and be able to apply the essential components of Model The Way
  • To clarify personal values.
  • To identify leadership actions congruent with personal and organizational values.


Session III:  Inspire a Shared Vision: Keynote

Goals and Objectives

  • Define the practice of “Inspiring a Shared Vision”
  • Identify the Essentials to Envisioning the Future
  • Begin to craft a personal vision statement
  • Describe the three essentials to enlisting others
  • Identify how this practice can be applied in your area
  • Identify action steps to enroll others to support your vision


Session IV:  Optimizing Funding & Talent Streams: Keynote


  • Funding streams and strategies
  • Finding and selecting the right people


Session V:  Challenge the Process:– Keynote

Session Goals

  • To define the practice of “Challenge the Process.”
  • To identify the benefits/payoffs for adopting the practice.
  • To explore how this practice can be applied to your area.
  • To learn techniques and identify opportunities for challenging the process within the Institution.
  • To create a personal plan of action to begin applying this practice.


Session VI:  Enable Others to Act:  Keynote


  • To identify the essentials of “Enabling Others to Act.”
  • To explore the factors encouraging and inhibiting collaboration.
  • To identify alternative forms of currencies to use when negotiating with others.


Session VII: Encourage the Heart:   Keynote


  • Recognize contributions
  • Celebrate the values and victories