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General Dentistry: Student Dentists

Students in the School of Dentistry, under the close supervision of faculty members, offer dental services at a discounted price in exchange for an extra investment of your time. You don’t have to be part of the UT System or meet any other qualifications to become a patient at our clinic, but know that the services and hours at our clinic are limited based on the schedules and learning goals of our student dentists.

If you choose our clinic, you’ll first go through a screening appointment at one of our eight pre-doctoral practices. We perform services based on the types of skills our students are building in each clinic, so if your dental needs (an extraction or a cavity that needs to be filled, for example) match the types of services we’re able to provide, you’ll receive care and a follow-up appointment so that your recovery progress is monitored. If your dental needs require specialty care, our clinic can refer you to another clinic at UT Dentistry and collaborate with other dental professionals to assist in your care.